Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The End of the Beginning?

Right here goes...

Blogging. Always been a bit of a spectator sport for me. Something that I have always admired from afar, yet never deemed my use of time perpetually demanding enough to share with any interested masses (or hereby lack of). I read them, I envisage myself writing them. I never do.

However, it has come to my attention that a place to share and vent could be helpful to me in any future vocation I wish to pursue. Ergo, here we are. Day 1. Step 1. Blog number 1.

I suppose here is as good a place as any to introduce myself. My name is Chris. This is m
e (on the left):

I have spent 22 years inhabiting this Earth, and I am currently '
employmently-challenged' (read: unemployed). The latter is mostly down to two parts; a) I am a graduate who can be fairly indecisive and b) this wonderful recession restricting possible avenues (read: obvious excuses)

On the brighter side, one of the side-effects of living with being employmently-challenged, once you have overcome the mild self-loathing, is the free time. With this time I have been able to do try new things. I have taken a couple of work experience placements to learn new skills, I've been able to read more and I am currently learning Spanish (muy bien!).

Hopefully I will find work soon, pieces will fall into place, and a new path will be taken. Until then, this is my new outlet to share with you. Like it or not, you have just read it :P and I do hope that you do come back and read it again sometime.

Welcome to my Blog.
Make yourself at home.

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