Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Conscious Reality

Why do some people seem to assume they have all the answers, and so stop asking questions out of fear that their bubble may burst? is it true happiness or all a front? people are so afraid of their own insecurities that they ready to settle for a shallow existence.

Can you find happiness in a settled routine? In predetermined endings, on fixed results. Granted they're reassuring but when do you start craving that new challenge? That little twist that keeps you on your toes, endless self competition and repetitive over-analysis; how can I improve that? What am I doing wrong here? Seeking improvement, searching for perfection.

Where do you draw the line between routine and rut, and where is the healthy balance. Who's to say? One man's dream scenario can be another's waking nightmare. But that argument its based solely on personal judgement so there is never a balanced, two sided perspective. We have no measurement, no yard-stick for fulfilment.

Its human nature to strive for more. To want what your neighbour has, and to always believe that the grass is just that little bit greener. But it is also human nature to be modest about this, to give the illusion that all is well and to show no signs of envy. is this healthy? I guess so - it seems to work for many. But when you're alone with your thoughts, there are no more masks to wear, and it is ultimately you who has the final say. Can you honestly say that you have it right?