Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Sorry, it has been a while...

...I promise I'll be better, I have been extremely busy though. Having survived my first couple of months teaching, I am finally begining to relax into the role and ultimately enjoy it. For the longest time I thought it impossible to have a vocation that I would look forward going to each morning, but I am happy I found it. It feels like I have started a wonderful new chapter, one that sets the basis for a large proportion of the story.

I found this quote earlier today. One day I would like to put it up in my classroom.

“Education is a practise of humble forbearance and of considered action. It is a practice of humbly seeking counsel – from others, from texts, from objects and practises – all of which help us imagine a life that could be better than the one we know and have come – too meekly – to accept as it exists.

By first listening and reading, we pass on to talking, writing, acting and, finally, to changing the world, while also attempting to preserve both the world – what is best in it – what we know of it, and the texts and artefacts that have made this knowledge possible”.

John David Rhodes.