Saturday, 2 January 2010


Although I said that I wouldn't get angry with myslef if I didn't update this regularly, I kinda am, like I am letting my site down. Granted, I started this blog to get a start and some standing in the PR world, to get some words written down and 'out there', but since I have had a change of heart vocationally I haven't felt under the same pressure to make sure I am posting with any regularity. Besides, I have enjoyed the little I have written before hand, and surely that's what counts, right? Speaking with Ben, who is also in a similar figurative boat, I felt it was time to return. My exile has given me time to think if I really wanted to continue this blog. Now, I feel that I need this more than this needs me.

Today is Saturday, January 2nd 2010. It's a humbling thought that at the turn of the last decade I was only just beginning secondary school - ironically the place that I will be spending the next ten years. I feel I could become a very good teacher, although it is a worry that I will be 'shaping young minds'. Growing up you only ever remember two types of teacher; the very good and the down right scary. Now seeing as I would ultimately fail at the latter, I hope to be a 'good' teacher - one that inspires, excites and encourages tomorrows 'yoof'. Although not ideally I suppose I could learn to live with easilly forgotton mid-spectrum mediocrity, for a while at least.

So with the new year in mind, and plenty of cliches of fresh starts and new beginnings, I hope to look back on this decade and feel I have really achieved. But, most importantly, I hope by then people will have settled upon either saying the year as 'twenty ten' or 'two thousand and ten' (for the record, my money is on the former). Happy new year :)